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The Low-Impact Legal Alternative To Litigated Divorce

In New Jersey, the preferred method for legally ending marriages is uncontested divorce — primarily because the state’s process stresses efficient outcomes reached through settlement panels and mediation.

What does this mean to you? The uncontested approach is an opportunity to finalize your divorce through a far less stressful, less expensive, more collaborative alternative. This viable option sets a tone of cooperation for your future, and that of your children.

The facts about uncontested divorce are waiting for you right now at my Toms River family law office of J. David Adamek, Esq..

I am attorney J. David Adamek. I have shown countless individuals and couples the way to post-divorce serenity during my more than 30 years of practice. My proven skills at reaching consensus for discussions of child access, financial support and property division can work to your benefit.

Delivering Attentive Legal Services When Your Marriage Is Ending

As your lawyer, I strive to smoothly expedite your amicable divorce in ways that highlight the disadvantages of contested and litigated divorce. I will work closely and directly with you to establish child custody and child support arrangements, for example, that emphasize the importance of “the best interests of the child.” And my lines of communication are always open, so that any late-breaking development or sudden concern can be promptly addressed.

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